The Topy Industries Group understands the relationship with its stakeholders as shown below and desires to propel CSR activities by deepening two-way understanding through the six loops. 


A loop of “Trust” with customers

Deliver customers safe and high quality products, establish and environment where customers' evaluations of our products are repeatedly fed back to the production site, and build a solid trust.

A loop of “Symbiosis” with local communities

Fulfill responsibility as a member of the local community, actively promote communication, and create fellowship recognition to ensure codevelopment.

A loop of “Expectation” with shareholders and investors

Topy Industries responds to the expectations that shareholders and investors have with Topy Industries through sustainable growth of business and disclosure of corporate information with high transparency and establishes a winwin relationship that ensures mutual benefit.

A loop of “Growth” with employees

Provide maximum consideration for the growth and safety of employees working in the Topy Industries Group and make the most of their skills and passion. Build a relationship to ensure that both employees and the corporation can grow.

A loop of “Working together” with business partners

Make use of technologies and values possessed by both parties through dealings in fair and equitable manners, and establish a relationship of working together in entire value chains by actively providing information such as analysis and measuring technologies.

A loop of “Recycling” for the environment

Take positive initiatives in promoting recycling of precious natural resources pertaining to the selfdeclaration that Topy Industries is a recycling corporation, and work to reduce environment burden in social lives. 


Since the international standard ISO26000 has been enacted as a guideline for social responsibility, the notion that every organization should fulfill its social responsibility is spreading world-wide for the sustainable development of society. It is important for us to realize that continuous CSR initiatives are necessary in view of the fact that business entities are absolutely vital for economic development, but at the same time, their business activities pose a huge impact to society and the environment. The Topy Industries Group desires to be a corporation that continues to earn trust while maintaining a global perspective as a company performing world-wide business, by adequately responding to the expectations of stakeholders at large including business partners, consumers, shareholders, investors, local communities and employees.

Going forward, we will focus not only on the immediate profit but integrate various aspects of economy, environment and society to seize business developments in order to contribute in creating a sustainable society.

In April 2009, we formulated the Group Basic Philosophy and Group Code of Conduct as the basis of CSR activities. So far, we have hosted a total of 16 sessions to explain the Group Basic Philosophy and the Code of Conduct to share common awareness in the corporation regarding CSR. To further strengthen our Group compliance, we have prepared a Topy Compliance Guide Book and opened up an offi ce to consult about corporate ethics for all group companies.

Recently, many scandals such as improper loss shifting between accounts at big corporations have been reported. Taking this opportunity as a reminder to ourselves, the Topy Industries Group will reinforce the importance of the Group Basic Philosophy and the Code of Conduct to fulfi ll our responsibility to stakeholders.

We will strive to realize the Group Basic Philosophy by addressing issues along with the Group Code of Conduct, and continue to be a company group that is needed by society.