In 2012 we laid out our New Mid-term Consolidated Management Plan "Growth & Change 2015 (G&C 2015)" to be implemented through fiscal term 2015. The plan commits us to achieve further business growth by advocating growth on a global basis and changes in corporate structure to enable high earnings, and also forms a guideline for our CSR activities to be addressed. 

Fundamental Policy

Growth on a global scale basis and "Transformation for High Profitability Structures"

Quantitative growth of overseas business

  • Respond to growing markets in emerging countries
  • Realize a strong business foundation for winning global competitions

Qualitative changes in domestic businesses

  • Realization of strong cost competitiveness
  • Expansion of sales of high value added products by taking advantage of highly competitive products and predominant technologies
  • Strengthen function of mother plants to support overseas development

Major Topics

Expansion of overseas business (quantitative growth)

  1. Maintain and expand global share
  2. Strengthen global supply system

Strengthen domestic business base (qualitative changes)

  1. Drastic improvement of manufacturing costs by enhancement of steel making facilities
  2. Improve productivity “Revolutions in making” and disseminate cost improvement activities
  3. Develop and expand sales of strategic and high value added products

Sophisticated management

  1. Promote changes in business operation process
  2. Enhance group management for global operations
  3. Strengthen technological power to compete in global markets
  4. Disseminate risk management system

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