Establishment of a component manufacturing subsidiary company in China for SGOR®(Super Giant Off-the-road Rims) for mining dump trucks
[Tianjin Topy Machinery Co., Ltd.]

Mineral resources help make our living comfortable and rich. Gigantic mining dump trucks are indispensable pieces of equipment at resource development sites. In the ultra-large wheel market that supports these mining dump trucks, the Topy Industries Group, with its unsurpassed technology, has acquired overwhelming reliability and market share.
Demand for mining dump trucks continues to increase, reflecting the economic development of emerging countries centering in Asia. Tianjin Topy Machinery Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of Topy Industries, Limited to meet such growing rim demands. With the establishment of this subsidiary, it is possible to diversify procurement sources of components and disperse procurement risks at Topy Industries. Going forward, Topy will further expand the SGOR® business by building an optimum global production system with the domestic production site at its core.