Philosophy and basic policy to develop human resources

The Topy Industries Group declares in article 3 of the Group Code of Conduct (For the benefit of employees) that “Respect the individual character and personality of employees, and provide safe-working environments allowing them to work with enthusiasm, and attain fulfilling lives.”


With the motto “having interests in a broad range of field beyond the job assigned and maintaining a positive attitude for learning enriches human resources”, we are focused on developing human resources to draw the potential and motivation of each individual. Also, we offer various education systems available from the start of employment to retirement in order to nurture human resources with rich expertise and management faculties needed for a manufacturing company. 

Education system structure [Topy Industries, Ltd.]

“Topy Juku” Tracing System

OJT training
OJT training

We have a special education program called “Topy Juku” or an intensive training course for newly recruited employees. The program starts in the middle of April in the first year of the recruitment and lasts for 4 months to provide OJT exercises. Newly recruited employees are dispatched to a designated factory to experience workplace training under the same working conditions of their senior employees. Wherever they may be assigned to, they are exposed to firsthand production experience to learn the basics of manufacturing. This helps broaden their views and realize the social responsibility related to the business they will be engaging in. 

Improvement in workplace health and safety

We consider that securing the health and safety of our workers to be one of the top priorities of the company.
We have implemented a variety of actions to achieve zeroaccident, and at the same time conduct a monthly statistical survey for labor accidents in order to enhance the awareness of health and safety of each and every employee. The survey results are listed in company's monthly magazine.

Labor accident statistical survey list (Term: January 2011 through March 2011)[Topy Industries, Ltd.]

Safety sensory simulation Dojo or room

We have decided to establish a Safety Sensory Dojo or safety simulation room at Toyohashi Factory so that we can simulate and experience potential dangers. Since January 2012 kick-off activities have been progressing toward the completion scheduled in July 2013. When the Dojo is complying, employees can learn what the causes of dangers are, how they should deal with them, and the meaning of complying with the rules through hands-on experience by using the same type of equipment that is in operation at the factory.
Such trainings are designed to appeal to the employees' five senses to sharpen their sensitivity to danger and raise safety consciousness. 


Awarded the Safety Honorary Award from Japan Iron and Steel Federation

In February 2012, Kanagawa Factory of Topy Industries, Ltd. received the Safety Honorary Award for the third consecutive year at the 53rd safety award ceremony of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation. Kanagawa Factory was also awarded with the prize for zero accidents for five consecutive years.

Initiatives on work-life balance

We provide various health and welfare programs for employees to help them maintain a balance between having a career and family. We are undertaking to broaden programs for maternity and care leave. During our 2011 fiscal term, we featured male employees who are involved with child care in order to illuminate employees' awareness about these programs.