Environmental management

Environmental management

Environmental Philosophy

We believe it is our duty to preserve a rich and beautiful world for future generations to enjoy.
In partnership and in solidarity with local communities we will work to promote continuous improvement in everything we make, from materials to finished products, to lay the foundation for sustainable development in our society.

Basic Environmental Policies

As part of its duty as a corporate citizen, Topy ranks continuous improvement under the ISO14001 environmental management system among its top management priorities. Therefore, Topy has established and implemented the following policies:

1. Complying with the Law
Topy will comply with all environmental regulations,protocols, and agreements in its manufacturing activities.
2. Reducing Environmental Footprint
In order to bolster environmental management, Topy will undertake cost-conscious efforts to reduce its environmental footprint by saving energy, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, using fewer resources, and recycling.
3. Developing environmentally conscious products
Topy will develop products that are environmentally conscious at every stage in their life cycle, from design and production to use and disposal.
4. Raising Environmental Awareness and Finding Harmony with Local Communities
Topy will promote understanding of its environmental policy and raise awareness of envi ronmental conservation through environmental training and enrichment for its employees, Furthermore, Topy will strive to create harmony between the company and local communities.
5. Conserving the Environment in Overseas Business Activities
Topy will remain mindful of its impact on local environments and implement measures in accordance with the needs of local communities.

Environment conservation initiatives promotion structure

Environment management structure

ISO 14001 certification status

Since the Wheel Division (Toyokawa Factory) launched a certification acquisition program to promote environment conservation activities in February 1998, all Topy manufacturing sites have undertaken ISO14001 certification acquisition program which was completed in June 1999.
Maintenance of environment management system has been confirmed by regular audits after this initial certification. We are carrying out environment friendly production activities by promoting scheduled and systematic environmental initiatives in line with basic environment policies.

ISO 14001 certification status [Topy Industries, Ltd.]

Factory ISO14001 certification obtained Transition to 2004 version
Toyohashi Factory Apr. 1999 completed in Feb. 2006
Toyokawa Factory Nov. 1998 completed in Oct. 2005
Ayase Factory Nov. 1998 completed in Nov. 2005
Kanagawa Factory Jun. 1999 completed in Jun. 2005