Highlight 2012

CSR Activity Highlight

Enhancement of steel making facilities at Toyohashi Factory[Toyohashi Factory of Topy Industries, Ltd.]

We have resolved to execute the enhancement of steel making facilities including the electric furnace, continuous casting and other ancillary facilities at Toyohashi Factory, our largest manufacturing location. Construction will commence in March 2013 and full-scale operation is scheduled to begin from April 2015.
The enhancement has a two-fold benefit: firstly to improve productivity, and secondly to strengthen competitiveness by enabling the complete in-house production of billets suitable for rolling deformed bars. The new facilities also feature considerations for power-saving and environmental conservation by realizing operations under markedly lower electrical power consumption rates. The facilities have been designed with significant disaster-prevention measures against earthquake and tsunami to avoid any disruption in operation, thus enabling us to shoulder the responsibility needed as a part of the supply chain of steel products.

Toyohashi Factory of Topy Industries, Ltd.
Toyohashi Factory of Topy Industries, Ltd.