Initiatives on global warming prevention

Initiatives on global warming prevention

Reduction of CO2 emission

At each factory of Topy Industries, Ltd. improvement activities are in place depending on products and production facilities involved toward achieving targets based on Keidanren's “Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment.” In fiscal year 2011, total amount of CO2 emissions at Topy's facilities was 457 thousand ton, maintaining the target level below that of 1990. However, this reflected a large decline in production due to deteriorating global economy from the latter part of 2008, and CO2 emission shows a sign of a slight increase along with the recent upturn trend of the global economy.
As we anticipate an increase in the amount of energy use in the future as production volume recovers, we will make stringent control and improvements in order to continue to restrict the amount of energy usage.

Energy source based CO2 emission amount
Energy source based CO2 emission amount[Topy Industries, Ltd.]

The amount of CO2 at our facilities is reported to the government authorities according to the revised Energy-Saving Regulation enacted in 2009. The report includes Topy's offices,which would usually be excluded from designated energy control factories. As for the 2 factories in Kanagawa Prefecture,namely Ayase Factory and Kanagawa Factory, we submit Business Activity Warming Prevention Measures Plan according to the Kanagawa Prefecture Warming Prevention Measures Promotion Ordinance. We report the results of CO2 emission and improvement progress status against the reduction plan for CO2 emission in fiscal year 2010.

Setting up Energy-Saving Promotion Working Group

In order to address company-wide energy-saving activities we have set up an Energy-Saving Promotion Working Group.
The group has recently taken up the common theme “energysaving improvement of compressors” and is checking improvement progress at each factory and also making followups depending on the progress status besides exchanging information when needed.

Energy-saving improvement for compressors
The power consumption of compressors occupies a high position in total power use at all factories. Compressors are indispensable for performing business activities and at the same time a substantial effect is anticipated if energy-saving measures are properly taken. The Topy Industries Group has taken up “energy-saving improvement of compressors” as a common theme in the Energy-Saving Promotion Working Group and is introducing various energy-saving measures such as improvement in operation efficiency by shutting them off when the facility is not working, preventing idling, and fortification of control by reviewing outlet pressure and outlet amounts.