Initiatives on waste reduction

Initiatives on waste reduction

Waste reduction and recycling

Transition of ultimate amount of industrial waste disposal
Transition of ultimate amount of industrial waste disposal[Topy Industries, Ltd.]

A part of the metal scrap (steel) generated during production activities is reused directly in-house as a raw material in electric furnaces. As for other waste, we are engaged in reducing ultimate disposal amount of waste through re-resourcing (collection of scrap iron, collection of zinc out of melting dust). Slag generated from steel making is recycled at a rate as high as 90% or more and is reused for civil construction material and concrete material.
Although we are making maximum efforts in promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), focusing on recycle, the ultimate disposal amount recorded 1,022 tons in 2011, showing an increasing trend in reflection of the recovery movement of production after the turn around from production decline due to the deteriorated global economy that started in the latter half of fiscal year 2008. We will continue to expand our 3R activities as well as other improvements, and exert ourselves to reduce the amount of ultimate disposal, in order to restrict the influence of increased production.

Total recycling of steel melting dust

In Topy's business, disposal of steel dust that is generated through its operation mainly at Toyohashi Factory is becoming a major environmental issue. Needless to say, steel is an easy material to recycle but steel dust poses the awkward problem that the zinc included in the dust becomes concentrated in the repeated recycling process.However, Toyohashi Factory has succeeded in total recycling of steel dust.

Recycle of cutting oil by clarification treatment

Various cutting oils are being used at the production processes of our operation, and this also constitutes one of our major environmental issues. At Ayase Factory, we apply clarification treatment to the used cutting oil and bring it back for reuse. We will eventually implement this to all other factories.