Industrial Mica

Industrial Mica

Non-swelling mica


We produce two types of non-swelling mica: fluoro-phlogopite and potassium tetrasilisic mica. Fluoro-phlogopite is transparent pure crystal. By grinding the crystal, it can get tabular formed particle powder with high aspect ratio. The powder is used for resin filler, ceramic material, paint compounding agent, and other applications. We also offer PDM-5B, which has high aspect ratio compared with the other fluoro-phlogopite products, and PDM-800, a special grade of our matt-tone products.

PDM-K(G)325 , which is produced by grinding potassium tetrasilisic mica(crystal) , has soft texture feeling and can be used for a paint compounding agent and solid lubricants.

Property table of fluoro-phlogopite

Product name Particle size Characteristics Applications
PDM-5B 6 Powder with a sharp particle size distribution, smooth texture feeling, and high aspect ratio. Resin filler
PDM-800 10 White fine powder with low friction. It is used for resin filler as replacement of talc Resin filler
PDM-7-325 25 Gray-white powder mica. High aspect ratio particle has excellent reinforcement effect to mica complex.µ Resin filler Ceramic material
Paint compounding agent
PDM-7-80 70

* Particle size is a representative value obtained by laser diffractometry.

Property table of potassium tetrasilisic mica

Product name Particle diameter Characteristics Applications
PDM-K(G)325 25 Gray-white powder with characteristic soft texturefeeling: Used for abrasion reduction and delustering. Paint compounding agent

* Particle diameter is representative value as measured by laser diffraction

Swelling mica

swelling mica

We produce two type of swelling mica: sodium tetrasilisic mica and sodium hectorite. Both are characterized by a composition of large having a high aspect ratio.

These products are highly effective as filler with barrier properties.
When its made into sol through swelling with water, both types have properties of low viscosity and low gel. Also, these can be made high concentration sol.

Qualities of Expansive Mica

Product name Solid content concentration Particle size Characteristics Applications
wt% µm
NTS-5 6 11 Sol type with sodium tetrasilisic mica dispersed in water beforehand: Used as barrier agent due to its high aspect ratio of more than 1000 Resin filler
Coating agent
NTS-10 10 12
NHT-solB2 5 3 High-purity sol product. Particle size can be adjustable by dispersing in water and grinding sodium hectorite. Used as barrier agent. Resin filler
Coating agent

* Particle size is a representative value obtained by laser diffractometry.