Toyohashi Works

Environment basic policy

Toyohashi Works engages in recycling activity by processed metal production using metal scrap and related natural resources and nonmetal mineral production. On the other hand, it is aware that its business uses large amounts of energy and requires environmental burden.
With this in mind, Toyohashi Works will carry out initiatives to conserve, sustain, and improve the natural environment surrounding the Factory and Mikawa Bay. Such initiatives are not confined to in-house activities but are extended to broader environmental conservation activities and communication such as participating in local conservation movements in order to build a symbiotic relationship with local communities. 

Action guideline

  1. Consecutive improvement of environment management system to raise overall environmental performance.
  2. Control emission of greenhouse gases through efficient use of energy, utilization of optimum technology, streamlining of production process as well as enhancement of transportation efficiency.
  3. Work toward reducing waste through activities such as restraining waste generation, utilization of resources, expanding recycle.
  4. Work toward decreasing environment burden through improvement in process and facilities, designing and development of eco-friendly products.
  5. Comply with applicable laws and regulations related to activities, products and services at Toyohashi Factory and the voluntary regulations of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation etc. or the other requirements such as agreements with local communities.
  6. Set up environmental objectives and targets at all departments in the management system of Toyohashi Factory and promote environment improvement activities. Regularly review and make necessary revisions of the environment objectives and targets.
  7. Enhance employee understanding and awareness at Toyohashi Factory on environment through environmental education, in-house publicity activities and exchange with the local communities. Make this environment policy public within and outside the company.