General Section Steel

H-section steel, channel steel

Topy utilizes tolling technology built from years of knowledge and experience to create high-quality products on its universal mill, which combines a horizontal roll and a vertical roll. Our products provide essential structural materials for construction and civil engineering as well as key components for machines and vehicles.

Equal angle steel, unequal angle steel

In addition to construction, angle steel is used in a broad spectrum of other applications, including pylons, ships, industrial machinery, and rail cars.

Unequal non-isopachous steel, flat steel, R-flat steel, bulb plate

The excellent cross sectional efficiency of these steels makes them ideal for use in ships and oceanic structures. They are also used as construction materials and for mechanical components in automobiles. Topy's UM plate is a customer favorite with a variety of uses, including shipbuilding, bridge-building, and construction machinery.

Ultra-thick wide flat steel

Ultra-thick wide flat steel
Ultra-thick wide flat steel

Topy's ability to manufacture flat steel for extra-large construction applications is unmatched. The entrance to the National Art Center in Roppongi, Tokyo was built using Topy-made flat steel (U515 x 115).

Deformed Section Steel

Topy manufactures steel products in a variety of special shapes using its unique deformed section steel technology. We are actively engaged in developing and manufacturing new products to meet our customers' needs.


Topy manufactures wheels for all types of applications, including passenger cars, large trucks, buses, and construction vehicles. 


Topy's SGOR® (Super Giant Off-the-Road Rim) wheels are designed for extra-large dump trucks used in large-scale mining operations overseas. These wheels are the largest in the world, with a rim diameter of 63 inches (about 1.6 meters) and a weight of 2.8 tons. 

Track shoes

The steel belts on construction vehicles are called tracks. and the part of the track that comes into contact with the ground is called the track shoe. They prevent the vehicle from sinking on wet earth and poor road surfaces, and give it the ability to traverse all types of terrain. 


Supported by superior heat-treatment technology, Topy's blades are renowned for delivering full performance in all types of working conditions Our unique material design technology emphasizes abrasion resistance, hardness, and strength. 

Forklift mast materials

This type of section steel is use to make masts, the vertical components on the front of forklifts. These products demand high strength as well as abrasion resistance and weldability. 

Segment components

Segment components are used to shield water and sewerage systems and tunnels. Demand for Topy's products is growing thanks to their light weight and ease of use. Topy components were used in segments for major roads in Tokyo and Kawasaki. 

HSST rails

These rails are designed for maglev linear motor car system high-speed surface transport systems. They were used in the Linimo maglev linear motor car HSST, opened for the Aichi World Expo in 2005.  


Z-steel is section steel with a Z-shaped cross section. After being butt-welded together lengthwise, they are used to make railroad cars.