As a comprehensive maker of processed metals, Topy Industries is looking at corporate business from a fresh perspective.

At Topy, we are creating a true technological revolution Through years of experience, marked by a constant commitment to integrated materials-to-products manufacturing, we have cultivated an enterprising spirit and free-thinking attitude that drive our quest for new and innovative technologies. Topy's TECHNICAL CENTER is dedicated to expanding this technological base into new business field and utilizing cutting-edge technology to create new systems.


Meanwhile, Topy's Mica Department is researching inorganic materials and developing products in an effort to create practical new materials. These two centers of R&D are building off each other's successes to achieve remarkable advances in research and development. 

Topy harnesses the full range of its metal processing technology to support measurement and analysis of all types of materials.

For over 30 years, the TECHNICAL CENTER has employed the full range of Topy's technology as a comprehensive maker of processed metals to develop new types of steel and non-ferrous metal products such as aluminum and solder. The center has also cultivated new technologies for evaluation and analysis.


Today's rapidly evolving economic environment, demands technological development at an ever faster pace. Topy's TECHNICAL CENTER has responded by establishing TechnoResearch, a new, more accessible research center dedicated to providing a wide range of technologies built on decades of experience,


We're always ready to assist you with quality control, process control, and material development. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 




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