Topy's research program - changing the face of tomorrow

1. Basic Policy

  1. Our efforts will focus on developing innovative new technologies and products for Topy's existing business divisions as well as pioneering new fields of business and bolstering support research at affiliated companies.
  2. Our goals are to collect information on the latest technologies in Japan and abroad, strengthen exploratory research, and develop innovative technologies.

2. Organization

3. Functions

  1. Develop technologies for Topy's business divisions
  2. Provide technical support to affiliated companies
  3. Seek out and introduce new technologies

4. Fundamental Technologies

  1. Manufacturing and processing technologies (rolling, welding, plastic processing, cutting)
  2. Materials technology (steel, aluminum)
  3. Evaluation and analysis technology (fatigue strength, coating evaluation, etc.)
  4. Analytic simulation technology rolling pass design, wheel strength, bridge construction)
  5. Machine design, control, and fabrication technology (in-company evaluation testing machines, etc.)

5. Primary Facilities

As our society continues to become more dependent on information systems, Topy is assembling a "People-Centered Information System" research program with a focus on boosting our capabilities, improving our quality control, and maintaining and expanding our businesses.


  1. EPMA
  2. Structural fatigue testing machine