Steel Business

The Topy Industries’ raw material business since its foundation

Topy’s steel business possesses unique manufacturing technologies for special sections, is able to respond to diverse specification requirements, and has a flexible production system for high-mix, low-volume production. These technologies enable the in-house supply of raw materials to the automotive and industrial machinery components business divisions. This integrated production system of raw materials to finished products under one corporate umbrella gives Topy an extra competitive edge over other electric furnace mills. The Topy Industries Group also possesses business units engaging in steel product fabrication, collection and recycling of scrap metal, as well as transportation, trade, and distribution. These satellite Group resources are well positioned around the steel manufacturing business and act to increase the business’s competitiveness. 

Automotive and Industrial Machinery Components Business

A world top-class general wheel manufacturer

Topy responds to the various needs of the automobile and construction machinery industries by producing a comprehensive lineup of wheels for passenger cars, commercial trucks and buses, and ultra-large mining and construction equipment. While developing high quality products, we are committed to contributing to the future motorization of society by building a global supply system taking into consideration environmental and safety concerns as well as top priority issues of the automobile industry such as weight reduction and driving stability. 

A general undercarriage components manufacturer

Taking full advantage of our unique heat treatment and processing technologies that have been accumulated over the years, Topy produces and sells various undercarriage components including shoes, track shoes and blade components (cutting edges) for construction machinery such as hydraulic excavators and bulldozers. Our competitiveness in QCD realized by an integrated production system from raw materials to finished products, as well as our design development and proposal capabilities are highly evaluated by our customers. 

Other Businesses

Opening new doors by differentiating technologies

This segment includes the Science Division and other new businesses. The Science Division was established with the intent to create sources of profit for the company in science-related fields other than metal processing, and is currently developing businesses at Mica Department which sells ingredient materials for cosmetics; and the Crawler Robot Department which develops and sells remotely controlled survey robots such as those that have been utilized for the inspection of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Other business includes social contribution through electric power generation, and sports and leisure-related businesses.

As for the power generation and supply business at Toyohashi, we have changed the supply destination effective as of April 2015 to power producer and suppliers. This is treated as a segment report in view of the increasing quantitative importance of the business from FY2015.