Adequate information disclosure

Article 2 (For the benefit of society) of the Topy Industries Group Code of Conduct stipulates that the Topy Industries Group will "Communicate widely with society as well as shareholders and actively disclose corporate information fairly and appropriately.Cooperate with local communities and actively work on social contribution activities as being a good corporate citizen". From the standpoint of securing management transparency we are endeavoring to disclose our corporate information in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with the related laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Especially for our shareholders and investors, we have started disclosing quarterly financial results since June 2003 in an effort to disclose prompt and adequate corporate information. 

Initiatives to vitalize general meetings of shareholders

Notice of Convocation in English (summary)
Notice of Convocation in English (summary)

We are taking the following initiatives to vitalize general meetings of shareholders as a place of communication between the company, shareholders, and investors to ensure that voting rights can be exercised smoothly.


  1. Early dispatch of notice to convene general meetings of shareholders
  2. Use of the Internet for notices to convene general meetings of shareholders
  3. Voting right exercise by Internet
  4. Preparation of notice to convene general meetings of share holders in English (summary)

Shareholder special benefit plan

For our shareholders registered as of the end of March and September of each year a traffic accident insurance policy and/or a flower gift are provided depending on the number of shares owned. Shareholders eligible for a flower gift have an option to choose a donation to a social welfare organization instead of a flower gift, which will directly be donated by the company on behalf of shareholders.

Stable dividends

In order to earn the trust of our shareholders and investors, we believe it is important to continue making stable dividends besides redistribution of profits by taking into account overall factors including business development, and strengthening corporate financial structure.

Our basic policy regarding profit distribution is to return profits to shareholders in proportion to the consolidated business results while building up retained earnings for future business development and for strengthening corporate structure. Retained earnings will be allocated to investment into new business undertakings and the development of new technologies/products for long-term business development, and thus we are committed to strengthening corporate structure and global competitiveness. The profit return index based on consolidated business results is targeted as reasonably high as possible. However, decisions are made with careful consideration for stable and continuous dividend.

Dividends are, in principle, paid out twice a year – interim and year-end dividend. As for the body to decide dividends, it is stipulated in Topy' s articles of incorporation that "dividends of surplus can be decided by the resolution of the board of directors in accordance with section 1 of article 459 of Corporate Law."

Explanation session for financial results and Mid-Term Consolidated Management Plan

We believe that the opportunity for our top executives to directly explain our management plan and financial results helps us earn the trust of our shareholders and investors. Such sessions are held after financial results are disclosed at the end of the second quarter and at the end of the fiscal year for analysts and institutional investors. The president himself presents our financial results as well as our mid- to long-term consolidated management plans. This management plan session can be watched via streaming from our homepage for shareholders/ investors, "IR library".

Session for financial results
Session for financial results

Explanation session