Topy Industries, Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Topy Industries") maintains official social media accounts as a forum for disseminating information. Topy Industries has established the following social media policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") regarding the attitudes and behaviors that must be observed in the operation of official social media accounts, and operates in compliance with this policy.

Topy Industries may change this policy without notice. In that case, we will notify you by revising this page, so please check the latest information on this page when using the official account.

1. Definition

(1) "Social media" refers to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., which allow information transmission by individuals and corporations using the Internet, and viewing and communication by an unspecified number of users. means a medium.
(2) “Official accounts” refer to the following social media accounts operated by Topy Industries.
(3) “User” means a person who browses or uses the Official Account.

2.Purpose of using social media

Topy Industries conducts communication activities and disseminates information using social media for the purpose of making Topy Industries better known to many people.

3. Information on Official Accounts

(1) Information sent from official accounts does not necessarily represent official announcements or views of Topy Industries. Official announcements and opinions of Topy Industries are made through the Topy Industries website and news releases.
(2) Topy Industries pays close attention to ensure the accuracy of information transmitted from official accounts, but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of such information. Please use the information sent from the official account at your own risk. In addition, information transmitted from official accounts (including information on products and services) is subject to change without notice, so please check the Topy Industries website, news releases, etc. for the latest information. .
(3) Copyrights, moral rights of authors, and all other intellectual property rights pertaining to information transmitted from official accounts belong to Topy Industries unless otherwise indicated.
(4) Topy Industries assumes no responsibility for any damages, disadvantages, troubles, etc. caused to users in relation to information transmitted from official accounts or use of official accounts.

4. Notes

Topy Industries pays attention to the following items when operating official accounts.
(1) Recognize that information transmitted through social media spreads easily and instantly, and that information once spread cannot be easily erased, and strives for appropriate operation.
(2) Comply with national and regional laws and regulations, Topy Industries' basic philosophy, code of conduct, and company regulations such as work regulations.
(3) We will not post information containing confidential information, privacy or personal information of customers, business partners, Topy Industries, etc.
(4) Do not slander or infringe copyrights or other third party rights.
(5) We will not post anything that violates social norms such as harassment or discrimination. In addition, we will not engage in acts that go against social conventions by using social media functions other than posting.

5. Responding to replies and inquiries

(1) In principle, we do not reply to all "comments", "replies", "inquiries", "direct messages", "writes", "likes", "follows", etc. of users on official accounts. In addition, the use of these functions by users of official accounts may be restricted. In addition, we will not answer anything about the operation status of the official account.
(2) Content that violates public order and morals, content that violates laws and regulations, content that defames Topy Industries or a third party, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, privacy and other rights of Topy Industries or a third party In addition, when posting on the official account content that infringes on profits, content that promotes discrimination, content related to business activities, political or religious activities, content that is false or misidentified, or content that Topy Industries deems inappropriate. , Topy Industries may, at its own discretion and without any notice to the user, restrict the use of the site, request the social media operator to delete the post, or take other appropriate measures.
(3) For inquiries and opinions regarding Topy Industries, Topy Industries' products, this policy, official accounts, etc., please use the Topy Industries website "Contact Us" page.