Our group has Steel Business as a material supply division and an Automobile and Industrial Machinery Components Business as a processing division. It is a comprehensive group of metal processing with a production system.

We have an integrated production system from steelmaking to rolling. With the latest equipment with advanced automation and thorough quality control, we supply a wide range of products, from general structural steel materials to various deformed section steel to various industries.

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As a world-class comprehensive wheel manufacturer, we manufacture and sell steel wheels, Aluminum wheel for automobiles, wheels for mining machinery, etc.

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As a comprehensive undercarriage parts manufacturer for construction machinery, we globally manufacture and sell parts for hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, and more.

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Business Development Area

In the development of new strategic products and new technologies, we promote innovation by consistently managing everything from business planning to basic/practical research, commercial production, and follow-up of commercial production.


Unlike naturally occurring mica, synthetic mica is manufactured from high-purity raw materials, so it is safe, has no dullness in color, and can be used at high temperatures. It is used in a wide range of fields for pulverization, surface treatment, dispersion, etc.

Research and Development

We are actively engaged in activities to create new revenue sources, such as developing applications for robots that make use of our undercarriage technology.