Topy Industries is a recycling corporation

Topy Industries, Ltd. manufactures steel products using scrap iron generated over the course of consumption and production activities within society.

In this business model, we see ourselves as a company assigned to carry out a vital role in the production activities within the recycling system of society. Furthermore, we have implemented an original recycling system within our production flow for the reuse of resources.


Reuse of material

At Topy’s Toyohashi Factory, we produce various steel sections from molten steel made in an electric furnace. We have two sources of scrap iron, the major material for our steelmaking process; scrap gathered in-house and scrap procured from outside. A substantial quantity of steel sections produced by the Steel Division is shipped to the Wheel Division and the Undercarriage Components Division to be used as raw materials in the production of various wheels and undercarriage components.