Reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide

Each factory of Topy Industries, Ltd. is involved in various improvement activities toward reduction of carbon dioxide depending on the products and production equipment to achieve the target as outlined in the “Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment in Low Carbon Society” set by the Japan Business Federation. In FY2016, carbon dioxide from energy sources at Topy’s facilities recorded 507 thousand tons, maintaining the volume under the target level of FY1990. However, it has started to show a slight increase after 2015 due to the increase of crude steel production after commencement of the new steel making facilities at Toyohashi Factory.

In view of the anticipated increase of energy usage due to production increase in the future, we reinforce further control and improvement in order to curb the increase of energy consumption.

The emissions of carbon dioxide at the company is regularly reported to the government authorities in charge according to the Revised Energy Saving Regulation enacted in 2009, including the offices in addition to the designated factories for energy control. As for Ayase Factory and Kanagawa Factory in Kanagawa Prefecture, we submitted a Business Activity Global Warming Countermeasure Plan to the prefecture government according to the Kanagawa Prefecture Global Warming Countermeasure Promotion Ordinance, reporting them since 2010 the record of the emissions of carbon dioxide together with improvement status against the reduction plan. Also, for Toyohashi Factory and Toyokawa Factory in Aichi Prefecture, we take similar actions as done in Kanagawa Prefecture according to the regulations of Aichi Prefecture.

Pilot solar power generation facility at Toyohashi Factory

Pilot solar power generation facility at Toyohashi Factory
Pilot solar power generation facility at Toyohashi Factory

The company is propelling “Energy Saving Action 2020” as one of the objectives of “Preservation of Global Environment by Energy Saving.” As part of “Promotion of

Energy Saving Investment,” the mainstay of such action plan, we installed a pilot solar power system facility at Toyohashi Factory and assessment has started from March 2014. The facility has a total solar panel space of 270 m2 with an estimated generation power of some 46,000 kWh per year. For testing purpose three different panels (single-crystal panel, multi-crystal panel and CIS panel) were installed at the same time to compare generation power and characteristics. For another experimental purpose beside the solar facility, we laid oxidized slag aggregates produced in-house on the ground of the pilot facility to check the effectiveness of oxidized slag aggregates as a suppressor against weeds including its effects to the pilot equipment and power generation itself. We are undertaking these attempts as part of our contributions to the global environmental conservation activities.