Contribute to realize a sustainable society through manufacturing activities

Topy Industries, since its foundation almost 100 years ago, has been brushing up its unique technologies to manufacture products for versatile industrial needs. Thanks to the untiring efforts in building up small pieces of improvement, we have brought a large number of big hit products in the market place for a sustained period. Topy has established an integrated manufacturing system from steel making to hot rolling of various types of sections and bars including special profile sections, and to processing and assembly of undercarriage components for construction machinery, wheels for highway trucks and buses as well as huge mining vehicles, all made up with the in-house produced special sections. This system combined with technological prowess of each process, has made it possible for us to attain high credit from customers for the products, establishing a solid position in the market.


This is the source of our strength. Under the basic corporate philosophy to fulfill the responsibility as a public entity and establish trust inside and outside the company through continuation and development of business activities of the Topy Industries Group by utilizing such strength, we endeavor to respond to the trust from our stakeholders while contributing to realize a sustainable society through manufacturing activities.

Topy Industries, Ltd. President and CEO