We will seize on the challenging business environment as an opportunity to transform ourselves, aiming for sustainable growth beyond the 100th anniversary of our founding.

Based on outstanding technical capabilities for “making and mastering steel,” the Topy Industries Group provides high quality, high  functionality products in Japan and overseas by sharing technology and know-how developed in a number of business units. Among these products, our wheels for automobiles, wheels for mining vehicles, and undercarriage components for construction machinery have captured a leading share of the global market. Our integrated production system under which we complete everything in-house from raw material production to finished product processing is what makes this possible.

We have built a competitive value chain based on the bility to develop and produce by constantly going back to the properties of raw materials. Moreover, in our automotive and industrial machinery components business, which is a processing unit, we have built a global supply structure in collaboration with 17 production sites in seven countries around the world and our alliance partners to meet the component procurement needs of Japanese, European, and U.S. automobile and industrial machinery manufacturers operating worldwide.

In FY2019, we launched our medium-term management plan “Growth & Change 2021” (G&C 2021), positioned as the final stage of the series of medium-term management plans under which we have promoted global “Growth” and “Change” to achieve a highly profitable business structure. Our priority is increasing the earning power of businesses that were enhanced under the previous medium-term business plan as well as strengthening the development of new businesses and products to capture the needs of customers and society with the aim of sustainable growth beyond 2021, the 100th anniversary of our founding.

Topy Industries, Ltd. President and CEO