Unlike naturally occurring mica, synthetic mica is manufactured from high-purity raw materials, so it is safe, has no dullness in color, and can be used at high temperatures. It is used in a wide range of fields for pulverization, surface treatment, dispersion, etc.


Mica is a kind of mineral, and the main component is an element called silicon contained in crystals. TOPY MICA is the world's first high-quality synthetic mica that has been put to practical use as a raw material for cosmetics by applying our iron-making technology.

mica for cosmetics

TOPY MICA for cosmetics is synthesized using carefully selected raw materials. Therefore, it is transparent without the dullness of crystals caused by impurities, and is extremely safe in terms of heavy metals, etc.
In particular, it is used in products such as foundations, eye makeup, face paints, and lipsticks.
It is used not only in Japan but also overseas, including in the United States, the EU, and China.

industrial mica

There is a swelling type that takes in water molecules into the crystal and swells, and a non-swelling type.

Swelling type TOPY MICA has large primary particles and is characterized by high aspect ratio particles, demonstrating superior gas barrier performance.

Non-swelling TOPY MICA is characterized by its high heat resistance compared to natural products.