Mica is a mineral consisting mainly of silicon that is contained in quartz, etc. In mica crystal, tetrahedral units composed of silicon and oxygen form a sheet-like structure and that determines various characteristic properties.


Topy began its applied development of synthetic mica in 1972 and succeeded in the practical application of high-quality synthetic mica as a cosmetics material in 1987.


Unlike natural mica, synthetic mica is produced from high-purity chemical substance. The features of synthetic mica are as follows:


  • Safe for human body as it has no heavy-metallic impurities,
  • More free of darkness compared with natural mica, and
  • Available at higher temperature circumstance because hydroxyl (OH) is replaced by fluorine (F).

Now Topy produces fluoro-phlogopite through melting synthesis method. As the synthesized mica does not contain any impurities, and its crystal forms pure and transparent one. In order to add sophisticated function to this crystal, we grind it, treat its surface, and conjugate it with organic substances for use in wide-ranging industries field.

Synthetic mica is used as a basic material of cosmetics ranging from base make-up products such as foundation to point make-up products such as lipsticks, eye make-up and facial make-up. Our product is widely utilized by major cosmetics manufacturers not only in Japan but also worldwide.

Our synthetic mica has features of sheet-like crystal structure, high aspect ratio, and heat resistance property. Thus our product is used in various applications, such as resin filler, ceramic material, paint compounding agent, and lubricant.


We have non-swelling mica, which composed of stable crystals, and swelling mica, that swells when water molecules are absorbed into mica crystal. Both types are widely used for industrial materials.