As a "world-class comprehensive wheel manufacturer," we manufacture all types of wheels to suit different purposes.

TOPY wheels

Based on our group's technological development capabilities, superior design, and the construction of a quality assurance system, we have been producing high-precision products one after another and producing solid results.

2023 Japan Mobility Show reference exhibit
2023 Japan Mobility Show reference exhibit

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― Mechanism to produce high quality ―


metal processing technologies

At our company, we reduce weight by making the rim material as thin as possible while maintaining its strength, which greatly contributes to improved fuel efficiency. In addition, discs manufactured using our unique metal processing technology can significantly reduce waste material compared to conventional manufacturing methods, contributing to resource conservation.

coating technology

Taking advantage of our coating technology that enables uniform and precise orientation of metallic particles, we have developed wheels in satin, bronze, and high-gloss bright colors for high-grade vehicles that give a premium feel, in addition to conventional plated wheels. We differentiate ourselves from other companies in the same industry and respond to diversifying needs. We are also actively promoting environmental considerations, such as using low-temperature baking paints and improving painting efficiency.

Analysis technology for Aluminum wheel

As a result of the diversification of Aluminum wheel designs, the shape of the product has become more complex, and high casting quality is required. In order to respond to this, we have developed a casting analysis system and are working to set the optimum casting conditions.

There is also a strong demand for lighter weight Aluminum wheel. In the past, product prototyping and strength testing were repeated in development, but the development period was long. At our company, we have developed an FEM analysis system that analyzes the stress and strain of each part of the wheel at the design drawing stage and predicts the strength. The period has been greatly shortened.

Evaluation technology

We have established thorough evaluation technology for all of the products we manufacture so that our customers can use them with peace of mind. Wheel strength and durability tests and measuring instruments are developed and manufactured in-house using cutting-edge technology.