Our group develops, designs, manufactures, and sells undercarriage parts for construction machinery such as hydraulic excavators and bulldozers. As a "comprehensive manufacturer of undercarriage parts for construction machinery," we offer a wide variety of high-quality products, have established a global supply system, and hold one of the world's top market shares.

track shoe / track / cutting edge materials

By providing undercarriage parts for construction machinery, we contribute to the realization of a society where people can live with peace of mind through infrastructure development, resource development, and housing construction in countries around the world.

― Mechanism to produce high quality ―


heat treatment technologies

In construction machinery, undercarriage parts and cutting edge materials are used in harsh environments, so they require high hardness to resist wear. They also need to have the necessary toughness to prevent cracking or chipping from static or impact loads when the machine is in operation. We have developed heat treatment methods suited to the application of the parts, achieving both quality and low cost that cannot be imitated by other companies. In addition, we are constantly improving heat treatment technologies by utilizing CAE to clarify deformation behavior during heat treatment.

Development ability to create product quality from the initial design stage

When designing undercarriage parts, we do not just evaluate the individual parts, but also use CAE to evaluate the behavior of the entire construction machine. In response to the complex needs of our customers, our products, which are created using this vast amount of accumulated data and a consistent process from design to manufacturing, have earned the immense trust of many construction machine manufacturers.

Overwhelming production technology capabilities unrivaled by other companies

We are working on further optimizing production conditions and building a stable production system through digital transformation. We are improving productivity by visualizing information on the manufacturing site using BI (Business Intelligence) tools, and reducing the burden on workers by automatically supplying materials and parts using AI. By automating work, we are able to supply track of stable quality and low cost all over the world.

Ability to supply everything from material selection to product supply

Our group's main product, track shoe, are produced in an integrated manner within the group, from material selection and development to manufacturing, in cooperation with Steel Division, which handles steelmaking and rolling, under our One-piece Cycle. In addition, our group has expanded globally to the United States, China, and Indonesia, and has the ability to flexibly produce and supply to customers around the world according to their demand.