TOPY Active & Challenge 2025

~Let's keep building the next Topy 100-year spirit~

Medium-Term Management Plan explanatory material

For details of the Topy Industries Group's new Medium-Term Management Plan "TOPY Active & Challenge 2025", please refer to this document.

Basic policy

In order to realize our vision for 2030, we have formulated a new Medium-Term Management Plan "TOPY Active & Challenge 2025," with a backcasting perspective for the execution period from fiscal 2022 to fiscal 2025. Based on the business foundation built in the previous Medium-Term Management Plan, we will strive to further strengthen profitability, pursue innovation for the next growth, and respond to carbon neutrality, thereby contributing to a sustainable society. We aim to further improve our corporate value.


(1) Transformation of earning power to solidify existing businesses
② Pursue innovation for further growth
③ Contribution to a sustainable society through business activities


Outline of strategy for “TOPY Active & Challenge 2025”

(1) Group's Basic Strategies

Adopting “promotion of segment management,” “strengthening of overseas earning power,” “strengthening of domestic business foundation,” and “contribution to decarbonization” as Group's Basic Strategies, we will steadily execute our business strategy and realize business growth.

(2) Three key strategies

"business strategy", "financial strategy" and "Sustainability Strategy" are the key strategies.

(3) Three strategic foundations for realizing business growth

We have set the three basic ideas (strategic foundations) that will serve as the common core for executing the basic strategies of each Group's Basic Strategies and Three key strategies based on them: sustainable growth, structural reform, and strengthening the business foundation. increase.

business strategy (priority theme)

(1) Improving capital productivity and optimizing the business portfolio

We will promote management decision-making with an awareness of capital costs and business portfolio management, and work to improve corporate value. As a measure to improve capital productivity indicators from a medium- to long-term perspective, we are considering introducing an investment efficiency evaluation "ICP" (Internal Carbon Pricing) by reviewing the selection criteria for capital investment, pursuing optimization of the business portfolio, and consolidating We will maximize profits.

(2) Strengthen profitability and rebuild business foundation for sustainable growth

In addition to steadily reaping the benefits of the structural reforms implemented in the previous Medium-Term Management Plan, we will strive to strengthen and stabilize profitability by expanding high-value-added products, further promoting structural reforms, and strengthening overseas business by expanding sales channels. In addition, to achieve sustainable growth, we will promote management efficiency through the use of smart factories and DX, and take on the challenge of developing new fields such as the development of products for EVs.

(3) Deepening unique technologies and working towards carbon neutrality

We will expand sales of high-value-added products and innovate production technology by deepening our unique technologies, and promote efforts toward carbon neutrality.

(4) Securing and developing human resources to support sustainable growth

We will appropriately invest in “people” to maximize the power of human resources, and achieve sustainable growth of the Group by intensively utilizing limited human resources.

(5) Sophistication of management by promoting DX strategy

In order to generate stable profits through the use of DX, we will implement awareness reforms (operational reforms) and environmental improvements through the promotion of DX.

financial strategy

While maintaining the soundness of our financial base, we will invest in our main businesses and growth businesses, and work to improve shareholder returns.

Sustainability strategy

By linking initiatives based on the Basic Sustainability Policy and materiality (important issues) with the issues of TOPY Active & Challenge 2025, we will create new value that leverages the Group's strengths and implement sustainability management that seeks to resolve social issues.

Financial and non-financial targets of "TOPY Active & Challenge 2025"

financial goals


Fiscal 2021 results

Target for 2025

Operating profit margin


4.5% or more


11.1 billion yen

32 billion yen

Return on equity (ROE)


8.0% or more

Non-financial target

ESG perspective

Evaluation index

Numerical goal



Aiming for a 46% reduction compared to FY2013



Ratio of female managers

10% or more (FY2030)

Number of occupational accidents in Japan

Aim for 0 every year

(more than lost time accident)


Number of serious compliance violations

Continuing 0 cases every year

* Scope 1 & 2 of our company and domestic group companies are covered.