Construction vehicles are divided into two types: those that ride on automobile-type tires, and those that ride on steel belts. The steel belts used in the latter type are called tracks.
Compared to tires, tracks have a greater surface area coming into contact with the ground, which greatly reduces the weight exerted on each unit of area (the ground contact pressure distribution). This prevents vehicles from sinking on wet earth and poor road surfaces and allows them to traverse different types of terrain. 



Rollers are cylindrical components installed on the inner side of tracks. They are strong enough to support the weight of the entire vehicle, and serve as guides for track motion. 

Cutting Edges for Motor Graders


These blade components are attached to the edges of buckets on construction machinery used in road paving, rock crushing, snow removal, and livestock raising. 

City Pads

City pads are rubber components developed to combine the best qualities of iron and rubber tracks into one package.